Monday, December 6, 2010

My Manifesto...

It sucked me in AGAIN!
For the past THREE years, I have decided that this is the year I am going to create a December Daily journal/scrapbook. The idea is to take a picture, journal, create a page or something every day in December. You do it in December, because it is one of the BUSIEST months of the year and you have SO MUCH extra time to complete an entire SCRAPBOOK!
I fall for it every year and once again, I fell hook, line and sinker for it this year...

BUT...this year I signed up for an on-line class to complete my December Daily...which includes a daily prompt AND a photo is usually a mere 3-5 pages to read...
SO not only am i taking a daily picture, journaling about the photo and then creating a page...I must read 3-4 pages before beginning the entire process for the day.

NO WONDER they start advertising this December Daily thing in October!!

Well, I am off to a running start...maybe a jog...ok I will be honest, a slow browsing in the shoe section can't decide where to start walk.
(shopping sounds so much better than journaling right now)

Oh - the first class prompt...I had to create a manifesto....WTH?
I don't know what a manifesto is...sounds like something from WW II and Hitlerish.

So, I did what all honest scrapbookers in this Dec. Daily jam would do...use the example from class.

Page one...or should I say my manifesto title page...done.

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