Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Daily Day 3...

    I am sharing day three of my December Daily with you because that is the day I have done...almost.
Day one and two are still in the works...imagine that!
On day 3, my mom came over for "Art Day." We sit in my basement and craft or scrapbook. On this day we made some Christmas tags for her friends. "How many tags do you need?" I asked...
She answered, "Well, five for this group, 10 for this group, 8 for this group....14,17, etc."
"Oh..." I replied.
I completed three!
Jack was with us for crafting day...he made a great little Merry Christmas sign.
(OH! Need to include that in my Dec. Daily!)

Jack worked at my mom's table. Actually, he is playing her i-pad..one of his favorite things to do!
After supper that night, we played some mean cards - Kings Corner! It was so exciting that the boys pulled out the pennies and turned our innocent game into poker. Sam won $268...meaning $2.68!! He kept telling us, "Look at all this loose change I won."  Don't think I have ever heard anyone at the casino refer to their winnings as "loose change!"

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