Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cousin Christmas..

On Saturday, we had Cousin Christmas...I thought 4:00 would never get here!
The boys were just beside themselves about the entire get together!

My sister-in-law and i took about 40 pictures of the kids, just to get that one photo that everyone was looking at the camera or had their eyes opened! This picture reflects the kiddos personalities to a tee! C and Sam are laid back first borns...L. would rather be hunting, M and Jack are the cheese balls of the group!

Jack wrapped L's gift...Jack pulled a "Holiday Joke" by putting a tiny bow on a HUGE present.
"Who would EVER put a tiny bow on such a HUGE present?" laughed Jack.
Jack thought it was the best joke ever!!

Loads of playing with the toys after the unwrapping....

and lots of texting for the bigger boys!!