Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Review Day 1

Of course I took tons of pictures during Xmas, so I thought I would share them during the week. Too many to share at one time...:)

Jack's Christmas was mostly monkeys....He made ME a ceramic monkey!! It's the cutest thing I am am surprised that he actually gave it up!  I am thinking of enrolling him into a 70s ceramic class after this little master piece!

He loves the movie Despicable Me and Santa brought it for him. He got some minion goggles in his movie pack.
He thought about wearing them as snow goggles when he went sledding, but I thought they would probably freeze and explode!

Here is Jack watching Despicable Me and wearing the goggles and sitting with his new monkey pillow pet...which later wore the minion goggles. He still has his long socks on from sledding.

And some monkey slippers to keep his feet warm....which are now little beds for his little monkeys!
A successful Christmas for Jack.

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